“Stonehenge itself was built and rebuilt over 600 years in three main phases. The first – begun in 3000BC – saw the creation of a ditch and bank which later enclosed a circle of 56 holes for posts or stones. Around 2600BC the site was transformed into two circles of 82 blue stones brought from the Welsh mountains. Then, 150 years later, the ancient Britons set up 50-ton sarsen stones quarried at Marlborough, 25 miles away. The blue stones were dug up and repositioned, and the sarsens used to create the Stonehenge familiar today. The new find changes this account of this history. It suggests that the creators of Stonehenge originally built two circles – one with 56 stones at Stonehenge, and another with 27 at Bluehenge. The stones of the smaller circle were eventually incorporated into the bigger one.
Bluehenge was discovered by Professor Mike Parker Pearson, of Sheffield University, who argues the monuments were linked to rituals of life and death. Julian Richards, archaeologist and presenter of BBC2 TV series Meet The Ancestors, believes, however, that such certainty is beyond our reach.” Illustration: An aerial view of the world famous monument Stonehenge.~•♥.♥•~


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